Bedside Ultrasound Evaluation for Shoulder Dislocation and Reduction. April 2017      (Dr. Boswell, Dr. Rosselli, Dr. Farrow, Dr. Farcy)

  • SAEM 2017
  • Abstract published Academic Emergency Medicine May 2017, Vol. 24 No. 21, www.aemj.org
  • Manuscript pending publication.
  • 1st place for Original Research - FLAAEM Scientific Assembly 2017

A Survey Investigation of the Awareness, Disease Process and Prevention of the Zika Virus.   (Dr. Kline, Dr. Patel, Dr. Cruz, Dr. Farcy)

  • FLAAEM Scientific Assembly 2017

Analysis of Frequent Utilizers of an Academic Community Emergency Department Original Research - May 2015 (Dr. Lee)

In Process: 

A survey investigating firearm ownership among ED patients.  (Dr. Boge, Dr. Koschel, Dr. Burkholder)

  • IRB Approved / Active Study. (06/2017)

Does an Elevated Serum Lactate Increase the Sensitivity of the New Definition of Sepsis?” (Dr. Fong)

“Knowledge of HIV amongst Emergency Medicine Professionals” Research
March 2017
(Dr. Watsky, Dr. Garrett)

Trigger Point Injections for Neck and Back Pain in the Emergency Department  (Dr. Farrow, Dr. Memon, Dr. Burkholder, Dr. Rosselli, Dr. Newberry)

  • Submitted to IRB (06/2017)

Tourniquet Assisted-CPR    (Dr. Farrow, Dr. Sherer, Dr. Boge, Dr. Farcy) 

  • Planning / IRB Submission

Occipital Nerve Block Study   (Dr. Kinas, Dr. Brooks, Dr. Petersen)

  • IRB Submission

BVM Study   (Dr. Manresa, Dr. Memon, Dr. Dalley)

  • IRB Approved / Active Study  (2017)


CPC Case Presenter: Dural AV  fistula presenting as worse HA of your life

  • FCEP symposium by the SEA  August 2016

CPC Discussant: The floppy  child. A case of spinal Muscular atrophy. August 2016 (Dr. Fong)

  • Research Paper 1st place- FCEP symposium by the Sea

CPC Discussant: B 12 deficiency in an ataxic male (Dr. Cruz)

  • FCEP Symposium By the SEA August 2015


Chapter: Penetrating Abdominal Trauma. (Dr. Memon, Dr. Rosselli)

  • CDS EM Guide

Chapter: Brown Sequard.   (Dr. Diaz)

  • CDS EM Guide


Endopthalmitis in an asplenic male. (Dr. Cruz)

  • FLAAEM Scientific Assembly - 2016

Perineal Hydrostatic Blowout Injury. (Dr. Lee)

  • 2nd Place- Case report. 2016 FLAAEM Scientific Assembly- 2016

Moya Moya Disease: A rare presentation of Neurologic symptoms (Dr Patel)

  • FLAAEM Scientific Assembly 2015

“Not Such a Treasure Chest” Acute Aortic Dissection

  • FLAAEM scientific assembly 2016

Pediatric Lethargy; A sign of Imminent Danger. (Dr. Diaz)

  • FLAAEM Scientific Assembly 2017

"I knew it when I saw it" A Case of Disseminated Meningiococcemia.  (Dr. Memon)

  • FLAAEM Scientific Assembly 2017

Utility of Bedside Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Traumatic Shoulder Pain with "normal" x-rays.   (Dr. Brooks)

  • American Medical Society for Sports Medicine - 2017 Conference 

Ultrasound Diagnosis of Intussusception (Dr. Farrow, Dr. Menendez)

  • 2nd Place Clinical Photo - FLAAEM Scientific Assembly 2017

Box Jumps Gone Wrong: A Case of Traumatic Subtalar Dislocation and Successful Reduction in the ED.    (Dr. Farrow, Dr. Rosselli)

  • American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine - 2017 Conference

A Case of Influenza with Fulminant Myocarditis with E-CPR.    (Dr. Farrow, Dr. J. Lorenzo, Dr. Dalley, Dr. Madiwale)

  • 1st Place Clinical Case Report - FLAAEM Scientific Assembly
  • Pending Journal submission. 

Labial Artery Hematoma.    (Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Watsky, Dr. Poplaw)

  • FLAAEM Scientific Assembly 2016

A Rare Cause of Bowel Obstruction.  (Dr. Dicenso) 

  • FLAAEM Scientific Assembly 2017
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